The Vault

The Vault is access to all the material for Lifetime Access.

The Courses included:

Law of Attraction

HMT Understanding

Mastering your Mind

Nutrition protocols

Ultimate Self-Development

5 Day Children's challenge

8 Weeks to Health and Wellness

Healthy Living course

Elevated Consciousness

Break Free from Trauma

Q & A replay

Releasing the bondage of anxiety and Depression

Enlightenment mini course


Ask the Subconscious Healer ebook

From Poverty to Prosperity ebook

As a man Thinketh ebook

As a Woman Thinketh ebook

HMT Understanding

In this course you will have an understanding of what Holographic Manipulation Therapy is. You will be provided techniques you can do on your own healing journey. NOTE: This is not a certification course. Regressive therapy is not included and does not provide permission to perform HMT as a profession.

Law of Attraction course

The Master keys to wealth. It is impossible for any sincere person to practice this technique and NOT have all the wealth he or she needs all the days of their life. 

* How to literally see the energies that are either helping you or holding you back from achieving all of your dreams. (Warning: You can’t unsee this!)

* How to reprogram your mind instantly. 

• The secret to activating parts of your brain that put your unconscious mind on a dedicated mission to bring you wealth and power.

* Learn the laws of the Mental and Spiritual laws that are just as dependable and undeviating as the law of gravity. 

Elevated Consciousness

Transform your life, release your traumas, empower your soul

What you'll get:

  • Weekly videos/homework, user friendly, practical and powerful HMT techniques (the fastest and most complete self transformational tools available)

Break Free from Trauma

  • Understanding the mechanisms of the mind and what causes trauma
  • How you can Break Free from what is holding you back
  • What causes a trauma overwhelm
  • How to instantly shift any negative beliefs into something more positive and more empowering
  • How a simple exercise you can do each day re-wires your mind, how to do it effectively, and bring to you all your desires. 
  • Delete holograms that are no longer serving you and are keeping you sick. 
  • Reframing events that are holding you back into something that will empower you. 
  • Clearing your neurological dashboard on a daily basis with this simple yet effective exercise. 
  • How your environment effects you and how to change that. 
  • The power of effectively praying and make your prayers come true. 

Release the Bondage of Anxiety and Depression

  • Overcome and resolve past traumas and repair your life. 
  • Learn how to grow into the person you were truly meant to be
  • Start the process of reversing Anxiety, Depression, and Chronic Fatigue
  • How to instantly shift any negative beliefs into something more positive and more empowering

Enlightenment mini course

  • Exercises to improve your holograms using introduction to HMT 
  • Divine prayers and affirmations
  • Learn how we start and end our days for optimal health and stress relief
  • Learn how to delete a hologram that no longer serves you
  • Find out how to stimulate your immune system for up to 6 hours. 
  • How to establish a safe place

Nothing happens unless you take action. So start today to eliminate the holograms that are causing you stress and illness.

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